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 Saturday FLU shot clinic dates

September 29, October 6 and 13, 2017

Flu shots are also given during the week by appointment and during your regularly scheduled appointments




Last flu season  hit with a vengeance with persistence of influenza into May.


Flu shots are protective  from 30% to 70% depending upon the strain circulating and the type of flu shot a person receives.


Last year’ flu shot was only somewhat protective against the A strain of influenza but relatively more effective against the B strain. 


For the near future the type of influenza vaccine generally available will derived from eggs, though cell culture derived vaccine is available.  In the future in development is a flu shot that may last a life time, being derived from a different part of the influenza virus, so that the effects of antigenic drift will not be seen nearly as much.  It will be several years before this vaccine has been adequately tested, so for now continue to receive the high potency vaccine if over 65 and the quadrivalent regular flu shot if younger than 65. 


Those with true anaphylactic reaction to the egg derived flu shot should receive the flu vaccine grown in cell cultures.


We will continue to provide flu shot Saturday on the above days, as a convenience to you with no wait time and quick in and out of the office as we have done in the past 15 years.  If you cannot make the flu shot Saturday let us know and we will have a nurse available several days during the week to provide you flu shots in a more convenient manner. 

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