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Travel Clinic & Immunizations

IMAA's Travel Clinic offers immunizations and counseling for international travel. Based upon where you are traveling, we will supply you with the medical advice to ensure that your trip is a safe one. Immunizations offered include:


· Hepatitis A

· Hepatitis  B

· Typhoid Vaccine

· Yellow Fever Vaccine

· Tetanus  (dT, dTap)

· Meningococcal Vaccines

· Measles, Mumps, & Rubella

· Shingrix (the new shingles shot)

· Polio Vaccine

· HPV vaccine

· Pneumovax

· Prevnar

· Influenza Vaccine

· Varicella Vaccine

· Japanese Encephalitis virus vaccine

· Rabies vaccine


When calling to request a travel consultation, please provide us with your:


· Personal Information

· Date of Departure & Return

· Destination

· Insurance


When coming for a travel consultation, please bring your:


· Itinerary

· Immunization Records

· List of Medications

· List of Allergies

· Family Physician's Name



Payment for services provided is expected upon check-out. We do not accept Credit or Debit cards. We will file your insurance as a courtesy service for you. Please contact our office for any questions.

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