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 Saturday FLU shot clinic dates

September 30, October 7 and 14, 2017

Flu shots are also given during the week by appointment and during your regularly scheduled appointments




Hard to believe but we are preparing again for the flu season


This year most people over the age of 65 should receive the high potency flu shot as one large study has demonstrated better protection than the standard potency flu shot. 


Regular potency flu shorts are available for those younger than 65.  Special arrangements can be made for people who are truly allergic to eggs to receive Influenza shot derived from cell culture, though most people who report egg allergy are actually able to receive the standard flu shot.   Ask us if you have concerns about this during your next visit. 


Immunity to influenza from each flu shot is relatively short in duration generally  flu shots need to be renewed yearly.


There will be adjuvant enhanced flu shots of standard dose that are available this year, however we will not be giving these until more information about the benefits of this type of flu shot are available


Flu shots work, though some years, like last year, the benefit may be low (41% last year) but that is a benefit to nearly half of all who receive the flu shot.  A person can get up to 4 cases of influenza during the flu season, with differing A and B strains circulating at various times during the year.


Come on in on Saturdays for your flu shot to help us and yourself make getting immunized efficient and easy—It just takes about 15 minutes at most from coming in until leaving the office on Saturdays

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