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 Saturday FLU shot clinic dates

To be announced for 2019

Flu shots are also given during the week by appointment and during your regularly scheduled appointments




Last flu season  hit with a vengeance with persistence of influenza into May. This year flu has struck a bit earlier than expected but still is infecting many people in our area.


Flu shots are protective  from 30% to 70% depending upon the strain circulating and the type of flu shot a person receives.


Influenza is here and has caused several people to admitted to the ICU in some cases with severe secondary bacterial infections.  Most influenza is H1N1 the type in the current flu shot.  Many of the cases we are seeing with severe influenza have not received the flu shot.  While a person who has had the flu shot may still get influenza, most often the disease is milder and while in those with underlying illness we recommend treatment with Tamiflu or Xofluza, often the infection is milder and may resolve without treatment. 

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